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Eurhopalothrix bruchi (Santschi 1922)

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Eyes minute; mandibles subtriangular and strongly bend inward; mandibular teeth of various sizes; mandibles with apical fork; antennae 7-segmented; pilosity on head, dorsum of mesosoma and gaster uniform and evenly distributed, consisting of numerous small, oval, subappressed squamate hairs; no specialized erect hairs; propodeum with angular erect lamellae.

Eurhopalothrix bruchi - head view Eurhopalothrix bruchi - lateral view

Taxonomic notes:
Eurhopalothrix bruchi was originally described by Santschi as Rhopalothrix Bruchi. Brown & Kempf (1960) transfered this species into the newly erected genus Eurhopalothrix. They characterize Eurhopalothrix with "serially-dentate, triangular mandibles that close tightly against the clypeal margin and against each other" and Rhopalothrix with: "The mandibular blades are nearly straight to somewhat curved, tapering from base toward apices, and crossing or engaging only near the apices. (...) and near the apex with a long spiniform tooth (subapical tooth). After the subapical tooth, the mandibular apex is bent sharply ventrad, and the apcial tooth is more or less enlarged and spiniform, thus forming with the subapical tooth an "apical fork"…". As pointed out by Bodo H. Dietz (2004) the mandibles of Eurhopalothrix bruchi bear an apical fork and should therefore be retransfered to Rhopalothrix. As this has not be done according to the ICZN Eurhopalothrix bruchi is the valid name.
Deviating from the description given by Brown & Kempf (1960) is also the the clypes which lacks a deep median emargination. Also, the petiolus bears a short but distinct peduncle.
According to Dietz (2004) E. bruchi was taken appart from the type locality (Argentina: Córdoba: Alta Gracia) in Brazil (Sao Paulo state, Santa Catarina) and Paraguay (Caaguazu, Central). This is the first record from Paraná.

Natural History:
I have collected this species only once (several workers) from sifted litter from the forest floor.

Offline References for Eurhopalothrix:

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